Microsoft Office Course

Microsoft Office Course

MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Bangla & English Typing.

Duration: 1.5 Months.

Class: Sunday to Thursday, 5 days in a week.

Course Fee: 3,000/-

Details about Microsoft Office Course:

Microsoft Office Word:
Details lesson on Menu and toolbar
Practical work like:
Making a CV, cover page, Bill with table, Bangla Application, Bangla example work with table.
Using of essential Keyboard shortcut
And more…

Microsoft Office Excel :
Details lesson on Menu and toolbar of Microsoft Excel
Practical works like:
Order sheet,
Overtime Salary sheet,
Income & Expense statement,
Bank statement,
Bill with percent,
Making Chart/Graph with column chart and Pie chart.
Salary sheet with formula
Salary sheet with different condition
Link the sheet or table or file
V Look up
H Look up
And more…

Microsoft Office PowerPoint :
Details lesson on Menu and toolbar of Microsoft PowerPoint.
Creating A perfect Slide show or Presentation
Use of Design, patter or Pictures
Use of Animation or effect
Use of Transition
Use of Automatic Time and sound
Use of Audio & Video
Use of Nonstop slideshow method.

Bangla Typing 
with Bijoy 52 Software

English Typing 
with good typing speed