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How to protect your laptop from overheating

Written By Ruhul on Tuesday

How to protect your laptop from overheating

How to protect your laptop from overheating

As the laptop's cooling system is getting better, the laptop is getting stronger. The laptop does not get too hot, but it's used for a long time. Especially gaming laptops have the advantage of keeping the temperature low with liquid cooling system. There is still the problem of some general laptops.

If you use a laptop for a long time it can become hot. If there are such problems with laptops, they can try a few simple ways to keep the laptop cool. Find out the methods:

Find out the problem

At the beginning, know how hot is your laptop? Laptops can always be light-weight. But if the extra heating then becomes a cause for concern. Notice how fast the fan is running to understand whether the laptop is heating up. When the laptop fan whispered in full swing, there is a reason enough to heat the laptop. The speed of the laptop decreases in the speed of the fan. To reduce the heat produced, the CPU then reduces the clock speed. Work slows down.

Reason for heating

Laptops can be hot due to various reasons. One common reason for this is to stop the flow of air in the dust. The air can not get out of the laptop's exhaust grill in the dust, the laptop is too hot. Shut the dust accumulated in exhaust gills to prevent excess heating of the laptop.

Shake the dust

Generally laptop brands keep the opportunity to open up the lid and reduce the chance of cleaning. In this case, it will be cleaned in the customer care or customer care center of that brand. The laptop should be shut down and the battery should be taken off while dusting. Fan is good to clean with cotton while cleaning.

Soft place is hot

Because of the fan below, the soft sofa, bed or soft on anything else, using the laptop is too hot. For this reason, the use of a laptop must be hard enough at the bottom of it, so that the air inside it can be released freely. If the laptop can complete the air extraction properly, it will reduce excessive heating and will be able to keep the battery charge lengthening.

Not a laptop in the bag

Keeping in standby mode or stand in the laptop bag. The laptop will be extra hot. Laptops can turn off automatically if the temperature is high.

Not always charged

When fully charged (flower), the charger opens from the electrical connection and runs the laptop from the battery. It's not always right to add the charger, it loses its performance by heating it too heavily. Use the laptop's real charger for the charge.


Also you can buy Laptop cooler if your laptop getting too hot.

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