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Computer Crush And Its Remedy

Written By Ruhul on Tuesday

Computer Crush And Its Remedy

Computer Crush And Its Remedy

Why is the crash?

Earlier it was important to reduce the size of the PC and it could be bought by everyone. They used the cheapest piece of hardware while creating hardware and used dangerous shotscents while writing software. Moreover, in order to get good performance on slow PC, operating systems, all application programs and device drivers used to use a specific space of main memory to run. If any of them had harmful bugs, then it would have stopped the whole system. All software used specific and vulnerable spaces. If there is a problem with any software, then it will spread to other software as a result of which the system crashes.

But earlier PCs had enough confidence in their simple and simple architecture. And in today's PCs, flute crashes compared to earlier PCs. Because of the present complexity of the PC.There are more reasons to be crashed. Take into account the normalization of the code size of the PC's current operating system. In the original version of Windows NT 1992, the number of source code was 4 million lines. And in the NT NT 4.0 released in 1996, the amount of source code is 16.5 million. After that the 5.0 version of Windows NT was out of the source code amounting to 30 million lines. This time, the rate of increase in the percentage of the trolley is 700% in 6 years.

If there is any harmful bug, how long will it take to crush the system?

Sometimes it can be due to software problems. When a system crashes then the software fails. If it is an application then you will lose unsecured work. However, the high-end operating system must protect the memory partitions of other programs. Many times the crashed program is causing many problems in the program, so that the entire system is stuck. Then there is no untouchable except the PC reboot. Again, unexpected Ribut can make a lot of hard disks. This can crash your hard disk. After that you have to put a new hard disk.

The virus can also cause the system to crash. Again a new problem was the computer's hardware theft. Especially the RAM theft. As a result of RAM theft, your system will crush due to lack of necessary hardware while on-system.

Crush Prevention:

1) Use good quality antivirus. Such as: Norton Antivirus Antivirus may occupy some part of your memory. But it will keep your computer free from viruses. And update your antivirus every 3 months. Scan the whole PC with your antivirus at least in the month. Scan after downloading something from the Internet.

2) Back up any important file you have. Although it's a boring thing But if the system crashes your non-important files are not found, then it seems to be worse.

3) Scan your drives with a scan disk at least weekly. For this, right click on your drive and click properties. After that enter the Tools tab and scan your drive into Scan Disk. It will check your hard disk and repair the errors.

4) Defragment your drives at least once per month. This will increase your PC's performance.

5) Delete unwanted files from startup.

6) Do not install unnecessary software. Uninstall, even if done.

7) Do not run more programs together. As a result, you will crash your system due to a system resource shortage to take advantage of your multitasking facility.

8) Use the Crash Protector software. I gave some crash protector software names. When a program crashes, the crash protector software tells it to the operating system. Then the operating system helps keep the program running and try to solve the problem. If it is not possible, then the operating system tries to save the unsaved files from the program.

Here are the names of some crash protectors:

1) PC Medic
2) Norton Crash Guard
3) Crush Defender Deluxe
4) First Aid
5) Safe & Sound

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