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Microsoft Excel keyboard Shortcut part-2

Written By Ruhul on Tuesday

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Microsoft Excel keyboard Shortcut part-2

Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcut part-2

This is second post of Excel keyboard shortcut.

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Excel keyboard shortcut part-2

Command Name - Keyboard Shortcut
Move one screen right- Alt+PgDn
Move one screen left- Alt+PgUp
Move one screen up- PgUp
Move one screen down- PgDn
Move to last cell in worksheet- Ctrl+End
Move to first cell in worksheet- Ctrl+Home
Select entire row- Shift+Space
Select entire column- Ctrl+Space
Select entire worksheet- Ctrl+A

Edit the active cell- F2
Cancel entry- Esc
Start a new line in the same cell- Alt+Enter
Complete entry and stay in same cell- Ctrl+Enter
Fill down from cell above- Ctrl+D
Fill right from cell left- Ctrl+R
Go to- Ctrl+G
Find- Ctrl+F
Format cells- Ctrl+1

Apply or remove bold formatting- Ctrl+B
Apply or remove italic formatting- Ctrl+I
Apply or remove underscoring- Ctrl+U
Align center- Alt+H A C
Align left- Alt+H A L
Align right- Alt+H A R
Indent- Alt+H 6
Remove indent- Alt+H 5
Increase font size one step- Alt+H F G
Decrease font size one step- Alt+H F K
Apply currency format- Ctrl+Shift+$
Apply number format- Ctrl+Shift+!
Apply general format- Ctrl+Shift+~

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